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Site Privacy Policy


This document constitutes the "Privacy Policy" of the portal  and will be subject to updates.

This page describes how to manage the site with reference to the problems relating to the processing of personal data of users who consult it.

The information contained herein is intended to provide explanations, in particular on the methods, timing and nature of the directly or indirectly identifying information that the Data Controller collects when users connect to web pages of the site, regardless of the purpose of the connection.

This website performs an informative and commercial function, as it offers information on the products and price lists of our company and allows users to place orders directly online. Furthermore, this site is a digital communication tool.

In cases where it is necessary to collect personal information for other purposes, this will be clearly highlighted in the legal information, placed before the data collection form, in order to allow transparency and awareness to the user.

Ownership and responsibility for data processing
The data controller is Agriturismo Le Campanelle, Lascari 90010,

Browsing the website in non-registered areas can be done completely anonymously, even using pseudonyms.

When we need to collect personal data, this is explained with a specific information drafted in accordance with Italian and EU law which highlights, among other things, the specific purposes of use.

Purchase completion and remarketing
When registered customers who do not object to the use of their e-mail address for e-mail marketing or registered users give their consent to the processing of their data for e-mail marketing purposes, Azienda le Campanelle may process the data relating to the operations and views they perform on  to inform them via e-mail of the fact that products they have included in the cart but not yet purchased are still available (allowing them to complete the purchase quickly and safely) or to offer them the same or similar products via e-mail (re-marketing).

Personalization of advertising, based on browsing behavior

The aforementioned activities take place both towards users who browse the site without having authenticated themselves, and towards users who - immediately or while browsing - have authenticated themselves. In the first case, the system does not identify users, but only their devices (on which it installs cookies that allow browsing to be traced); in the second case, the system identifies users by means of their credentials, and is able to define a custom profile.
For unauthenticated users, the legal basis of this treatment is the express consent - in compliance with the provision of the Guarantor - overcoming the banner relating to cookies. All detailed information on cookies and how to uninstall them are in the
  Cookie Policy .
For authenticated users, the legal basis of this processing is the consent that is specifically requested of them through a pop-up that appears at the time of authentication.

Users can always oppose the processing of data for purposes of advertising personalization and / or revoke the consent given. This is possible by writing an e-mail to the Data Protection Officer at

Control options on your privacy choices for registered users
In addition to the methods indicated above, users can always change their privacy choices (e.g. by revoking a consent given, or by opposing a treatment based on legitimate interest) in the appropriate section of the personal account.

Transfer of data abroad (outside the EU)
To provide the services connected to the site, the Company's policy is to minimize the occasions for transferring personal data outside the European Union. Only in relation to some specific technical or assistance services (such as for example the software maintenance of the CRM management system, the telephone switchboard and web-chats or the customer communication system via SMS) can a data transfer take place. outside the European Union, deriving from the architecture of the service offered to us by our suppliers. In these cases, the transfer takes place in any case in accordance with an appropriate legal basis, and in particular with an assessment of adequacy carried out by the competent institutions regarding the legislation protecting personal data of the country of destination of the data, or of the signature, by part of the subcontractors recipients of the data, of standard contractual clauses compliant with the standards defined by the European Commission.

Web Chat
Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle offers customers and users the opportunity to get in touch with their Customer Service via web chat, a feature that allows them to ask for assistance, ask questions and orders just like on the phone. In web chats, the purposes of processing personal data of customers and users can be customer assistance, order management, complaints management. In order to access the web chat it is necessary to release your identification data (name, surname, e-mail address); for registered users, the release of identification data is not necessary because they are automatically recognized by the system. The identification allows the operator to consult the customer card, to better manage the phone call and to offer a better service.

Invisible data collection
The web servers of our site ask users' browsers only for the information strictly necessary to establish communication.

Le Campanelle farm. collects personal data only when this is essential for achieving the stated purpose.

Data quality
We follow qualitative criteria in the management of information - such as direct collection from the interested party - aimed at minimizing the possibility that inaccurate information is used.

The collection of personal data through our site takes place exclusively on a voluntary basis and solely to provide the requested services.

Data retention
The personal data collected on the site will be stored by us or on our behalf: when processed because required by law, for the time required by law; when the processing is based on the user's consent or on the legitimate interest of Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle, for the time strictly necessary to achieve the indicated purpose. The navigation data collected for advertising personalization purposes are kept for a maximum time of 12 months, and then automatically deleted.

At any time we guarantee users the possibility to contact us to request any information / clarification regarding the use of personal data. Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle has designated a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) available to all interested parties who wish to exercise the rights recognized to them by the new legislation on data protection (articles 15-22, EU Regulation 679 / 2016). To get in touch with the DPO of Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle you can send an email to the address .

Protection tools
Any dispute relating to the processing described above may be the subject of a complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, Piazza Venezia 11 00187 Rome, or to the Supervisory Authority of the European State where the interested party resides. The possibility of appealing to the judicial authority remains unaffected.

The Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle website uses a
  protocol for secure transactions on the Web, supported by the most popular browsers.
The use of this technology requires that confidential information travels on the Internet only in encrypted form, or coded according to a complex mathematical algorithm that reasonably guarantees its illegibility by malicious people.

The use of the Secure Server for the user
The use of an SSL Secure Server by the user is very simple and does not involve any particular procedure.
The compatible Browser, that is able to communicate in encrypted form with the secure Server (all the latest versions of the most popular browsers are), automatically and autonomously manages the secure communication process.

How can I know if a Server is Safe?
The sending and receiving of data in connection to an SSL Secure Server is generally signaled by the Browser with a warning window and with a page address characterized by the Https prefix (note the final S), in addition:
  Microsoft Edge
displays the "Closed Padlock" image next to the address bar on the left. To view the information on the SSL Certificate (Certification Authority - Release and Expiration Dates ...) click on the padlock.

  Mozilla Firefox
displays the "Closed Padlock" image next to the address bar on the left. To view the information on the SSL Certificate (Certification Authority - Release and Expiration Dates ...) click on the padlock and on the arrow in the window that opens.

  Google Chrome
displays the "Closed Padlock" image next to the address bar on the left. To view the information on the SSL Certificate (Certification Authority - Release and Expiration Dates ...) click on the padlock and select "Certificate" from the list shown.

• Safari
displays the "Closed Padlock" image next to the address bar on the right and makes information on the SSL Certificate available (Certification Authority - Release and Expiration Dates ...) by clicking on it and selecting "Show certificate".

Internet Explorer 11
It is no longer compatible with the new versions of the SSL protocol and therefore the functioning of the site is not guaranteed and its use is not recommended.

Credit cards
Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle does not hold the credit card data of its customers.
In order to guarantee greater security, the credit card data entered by customers are transmitted from the browser directly to the banking gateway of Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle. For the purpose of concluding the financial transaction. The authorization of the payment, in case of use of the credit card, takes place at the time of the order while the relative charge at the time of shipment of the order.

In case of payment with Paypal, the Customer is redirected to a secure page managed, respectively, by Paypal, where the authentication necessary for payment is requested. The debit takes place at the same time as the order.

In the unfortunate event that someone gets hold of my credit card data, how can I be protected from any abuse?
First of all, it must be specified that the risk in question is not related only to transactions made online, but to every occasion of ordinary use. However, if this should happen, it is important to know that it is always possible to contact the credit card manager and refuse the charge, obtaining, once the actual conditions of use of the card have been ascertained, a refund of the sums charged.

What if, in any case, I don't want to send my credit card details over the Internet?
Azienda Agricola Le Campanelle, while offering a secure payment system, offers its customer friends the opportunity to pay cash on delivery for the goods directly to a person in charge at the time of delivery.

For the correct navigation of the site of the Le Campanelle farm it is necessary to have javascript enabled, as a rule in all browsers they are enabled by default.

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